Top 5 Glucometers in India: 2021 Glucose Monitor Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Top 5 Glucometers in India

Have you ever consider checking blood sugar at home but wished you could make it more accurate somehow? If you are concern about this, then you have come to the relevant place. In this post, we are going to discuss a criteria of overall analysis. Furthermore, we abreast of the 10 Basic Components while seeking out the best Glucometer online. We also analyze here regarding Top 5 Glucometers in India 2020-21 Comparison with pros and cons, and Ultimately Conclusion.

However, You know, by just considering the basic components like Accuracy, Pricing, Easy to use, Blood Sample Size, you can opt foremost Glucometer. Certainly, this is not just a long list of Glucometers but it’s a filtered one to present the very best options to you.

Check Quantitative Blood Sugar Level Testing Professionally!

Particularly, Covid-19 infection has spread and as per assumptions, it would persist for a long time to come even its outbreak poses health risks for everyone. Due to Coronavirus infection, you can’t go lab and hospital regularly for now rather you need an optimal way to track your blood glucose level particularly.

At this time, if you or your loved one is diagnosed as a diabetic patient with underlying conditions and has been inactive for a while in blood sugar checkup, it would be harmful. So, through clinically validated Glucometer you can be beneficial. As it’s a simple, accurate way to use periodically self-testing to lower your risk for better than occasional measurements at the hospital.

Which Glucometer is Predominant?

If you are confused among all accessible Glucometers online, then our research team can assist you in the best possible way to choose the best portable device. For your assistance, we have consolidated the comparison of all Glucometers online with customer’s feedback data so that you can keep a track record of your blood glucose easily. Significantly, We have created an analysis report of Top 5 Glucometers in India 2020.

Top 5 Most Accurate Glucometers India 2020 – 2021

Specifically, Glucometers can help to constantly aware as an indicator of your health. While picking a hand-held glucometer we have to consider all aspects because when we seek out Glucometer online there is a lot of Glucometers range is obtainable and we have to opt the best one.  Everything considered by our team, so that you can take optimum decision.

So, we pick out Top 5 Most Accurate Glucometers India 2020 – 2021 options based on customer feedback, popularity, product quality, service, durability among thousands of options.

  • Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer
  • Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit
  • Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Glucometer
  • OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer
  • AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring

Analytical Chart for Top 5 Glucometers

Best Glucose MonitorAccuracyWarrantyBlood Sample QuantityMemories StorageBuy Now
Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One GlucometerAccurate Ergonomic Model1 Year0.5µL 300Check on Amazon
Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter KitAccurate, ISO 15197:201310 years 1.5 microlitre500Check on Amazon
Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic GlucometerUS patented technologyUSA Product with 1 Year Warranty in India.0.5 mg/dl1000Check on Amazon
OneTouch Select Plus Simple GlucometerAccurate, ISO 15197:20131 Year on Registering 1 µlNACheck on Amazon
AccuSure Blood Glucose MonitoringNo risk of false readings1 Year0.6 To 0.7 Microliters450Check on Amazon

1. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

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In fact, Dr. Morepen GlucoOne BG-03 smart Blood Glucose monitoring system implies the exact nature of the company’s reliability in terms of checking blood glucose.

In addition, It comes in a kit model that will suit you better included Lancing Device, 10 Lancets, Battery (CR-2032) Plastic Case with 25 Test Strips.

Basically, It has designed for home usage accurate results in just five seconds using only 0.5ul blood samples with a clear and appropriate measurement of blood glucose levels.

Although, You can get test results quickly, accurately, and comfortably with this featured a large display screen that can store up to 300 test results.

Kit Includes: Dr.Morepen Gluco One BG-03 Gluco Meter, Lancing Device, 10 Lancets, Battery, Plastic Case, Comes with 25 test strips


  • One of the fastest meters in the market
  • Sleek and Accurate and Ergonomic model
  • No Coding Technology Required with features of up to 300 test results storage.
  • High level of Efficiency with Beeper alert
  • Minimum Blood Sample: 0.5 microlitre
  • Fast result in 5 seconds
  • Measuring Range of 20-600 mg/dL.
  • Can view an average of your test results from the last 7 / 14 / 30 Days
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • As considering Negative Point we can just consider the poor quality of the Lancet which is sometimes a hit or miss.

2. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

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Hence, The Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter has a considerable skill to detect accurately monitoring results similar when compared to medical clinics having standards of accuracy.

Moreover, It is a high-exactness and elite gadget to follow the right blood sugar level as easy to use system with dimensions: 97.8 x 46.8 x 19.1 mm.

Apart from that, it comprises powerful features like accurate blood glucose measurement, pre-and post-meal reminders, visual double-check, and two-button intuitive handling. It doesn’t require any code chip for coding the meter.

Even if you apply an insufficient amount of blood, then the device gives you approximately 10 seconds window to re-dose it.

Kit Includes: 10 Sterile Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets, 1 Log book, 1 Accu-Chek Active Meter (with 1 enclosed battery), 1 Carry case, 1 Accu-Chek Softclix Lancing Device, 1 Vial containing 10 Test Strips and 1 coding chip, 1 User manual, 1 Quick Reference Guide, 2 Information Sheets, 1 Warranty card


  • Implies Standards of ISO 15197:2013
  • No coding for even easier blood glucose monitoring
  • Gives a visual and audio post-prandial reminder which reminds you to test two hours after eating
  • Measuring interval : 10-600 mg/dL
  • 500 test results Storage memory
  • Can view an average of your test results from the last 7 / 14 / 30 or even 90 Days
  • Built-in USB port for transferring saved test results to a computer which is equipped accordingly
  • Visual and Audio post-prandial reminder which reminds you to test two hours after eating
  • It provides easy visual double-check to ensure correct measurement..
  • 10 Years Meter Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Applied)


  • Its over-priced glucometer even when you buy additional lancets for glucometer checking it would be costly as compare to others.

3. Dr Trust (USA) Gold Standard Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine

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Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine is completely programmed which is easy to use and simple to utilize with 60 Strips and Digital Thermometer.

Mainly, with this you can check blood sugar rapidly and precisely featured with an LCD backlight display which is easy to read at night.

Eventually, Dr. Trust (USA) Glucometer monitor Comes with 3 modes General, AC, and PC modes. It’s a product of Nureca Inc USA with Warranty in India.

Hence, one of the key features of this Glucometer that it together with an LCD & back-light display which is easy to read at night. It’s designed and engineered in the USA by experts with patented technology.

Kit Includes: 60 Strips and Digital Thermometer, 1 Glucometer device, 1 Lancing device, 60 strips, 60 lancets(needles) and 2 AAA batteries Carry Case Manual + 1 digital thermometer

In General mode, you have to take blood glucose measurements at any time. If you are using AC mode you can take the measurements in the early morning with an empty stomach. But if you want to attain the readings after taking your meals, you can switch to PC mode of the device. Furthermore, Dr. Trust Glucometer monitor comes with the Strip Ejection Button feature which minimizes the risk of contagion and By simply on a push of Strip Ejection Button, used strips disposed of without touching the hand. Additionally, With these specifications it can be consider as one of the Top 5 Glucometers in India 2020.


  • GDH-FAD Strip technology which avoids interference from blood oxygen variations.
  • Gives an early warning if your ketones are rising or are out of balance in your blood.
  • Strip Ejection Button feature which minimizes the risk of contagion
  • Unique feature of smiley indicator – The result is displayed along with face symbols within 5 seconds. A happy smiley indicates good results and a sad smiley indicates unsatisfactory results
  • Also, it allows users to set an alarm as a reminder for taking the measurements.
  • Fully Automatic with Auto electrode insertion detection
  • Warranty – It’s a product of Nureca Inc USA with Warranty in India.


  • Strips Price cost an exorbitant amount of money.

4. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

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To be sure, Having a reasonable price with all desired features OneTouch blood sugar testing Glucometer is another reliable Brand as its #1 selling meter and utilize easily with advanced features.

Although, With maximum key functions, it operates without any coding or set-up.

Also, It is easy to understand with color sure technology and audio signals.

Briefly, The very much portable machine provides accurate results as it meets the latest international standards of ISO 15197:2013.

Kit Includes: OneTouch Select Simple Blood Glucose Meter (2 batteries included), User Guide, 10 OneTouchSelect Simple Test Strips for Free, 10 Sterile Lancets for Free, Carrying Case, Lancing Device, 1 High low Alarm Reference card.


  • Fast Accurate Results with the latest International Standards of ISO 15197:2013§.
  • Simple 2-step testing for accurate results
  • Easier to understand blood glucose results with ColourSure technology and audio signals 
  • Furthermore, Convenient Reference Card – Recommendations from your doctor written in your Reference Card. It could help you make the right decisions about your blood glucose results.
  • Avail the 1-year warranty on registering your meter. 


  • It is not having memory storage function

5. AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitor

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AccuSure is one of the leading brands which deals in regular monitoring and screening of Blood Glucose Levels.

In addition, It’s originated to meet the most demanding needs of both the long-term care Industry and at-home patients alike.

Indeed, It uses great features which include no risk of false readings, no-coding needed.

Although, with reliable and rapid results it’s easy to use and ensures optimal safety for Healthcare providers and convenience.

Subsequently, It has a top-loading strip port with strip ejection capabilities which eliminates any Blood Contamination Dangers associated with manually releasing a Strip, Offering the Safest Disposal Possible.

Kit Includes: Lancing device, 10 strip lancets, owners guide, 1 case, and 1 High-Low Alarm Reference Card.


  • Need only Small Blood Sample Size Equalling 0.6 To 0.7 (Make It Microliters). Which Is Far Less Than Most Meters on The Market Today.
  • Results in Just 7 Seconds, Signifying the Most Rapid Testing Procedure Possible.
  • Segregate the Rendering Results at a Large Main Screen, and Date and Time at a Smaller Sub-Screen.
  • Virtually Eliminates Confusion that often arises when numerous digits crowd a single screen.
  • Having astonishing 5000 Test Battery Life, A Full 5 Times Longer than Other Blood Glucometers on the market today.
  • Another Key Point – 1 Year Warranty


  • Strips are very expensive

10 Things to Consider While Buying Diabetes Glucometer?

  • Rigorously Tested – Try to ensure that you are buying a validated device because of the precision of your blood sugar level impact on your medicines prescription.
  • Convenient to Use – While if you are using this professional device at your home, it should be easy to use. You should know all the considerations like can you easily read the numbers on the screen or how much blood the test strips require.
  • Check for the Best Prices – Some meters can be costly but we can’t compromise in pricing and quality because this blood sugar result will help to make medical decisions.
  • Easy to Maintain – While using Glucometer at home it should quick and easy to measure when you get new strips and simple to clean.
  • Accuracy – One of the considerable factors is accuracy because readings from the Glucose Meter are aimed at Medical purposes and it will be exploited by Physicians for further medicines. You can check your blood sugar level at home using the glucometer and then do the same test at the nearest reputed laboratory. The two results should either pair off or should fall within a 15% margin of each other.
  • Blood Sample Size– How much blood sample you have to exert for checking blood sugar level is another considerable factor because if you obtain an inadequate blood sample, the modern-day glucometers display the warning or give an alarm to notify you. Besides as most of the new glucometers require just 5 microliters to correctly deliver the test result.
  • Test Record-Keeping – Patient blood sugar level fluctuates frequently so it’s very vital to track your blood glucose numbers for long-term care, so choose a monitoring system that can keep records in maximum limits similarly.
  • Expiry of Test Strips – Before deciding on buying Glucometer, the test strips expiry date is a very vital feature to consider. Most of the popular glucometer test strips come with an expiry date ranging up to 2 years as compared to some of the cheaper ones come with one-year validity. 
  • Size of Glucometer – Glucometer should be hand handled or portable so that you can check it while traveling. 
  • Warranty – The more warranty period you get, you will be free of defects in material and workmanship for that period accordingly, valid from the date of purchase.

However, With these factors can guide you to choose the best home glucose monitor for you or your loved one.

How Does Glucose Monitor Work?

Blood sugar level highs and lows time to time. To have to track continuously blood sugar level so that you understand the patient’s condition accordingly.

First, insert a test strip into the Glucometer. Then, apply a small blood sample and finally, read your blood glucose result on the large display.

Precautions to Consider While Using Glucose Monitor?

Glucose monitoring has become an integral part of diabetes care. It can detect blood sugar easily while you are at home or you are traveling.   

  • To monitor blood glucose levels daily
  • Clean your hands before using the meter
  • Make sure there’s enough blood to fill the landing section of each strip
  • Buy test strips made for your specific meter
  • Use a branded meter instead of a generic one

In Short, Never use the results to make medical decisions independently. Assuredly, It’s a complete home-care solution for diabetes management which assists you to control diabetes and achieve target blood sugar levels.

Conclusion of Top 5 Most Accurate Glucometers India 2020:

In the final analysis , Plenty of Peoples are not aware of the considerations be looking out while purchasing a blood sugar glucometer. That is why we have gathered the information regarding it in our buying guide. For instance, According to your convenience for pricing and size you can buy the best Glucometer to check blood sugar level and after detecting it discuss your results with a Registered Medical Practitioner.

As per our team analyzation among the best Brands while choosing from Top 5 Most Accurate Glucometers India 2020, Accu-Check Instant Glucometer or Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One is fully automatic and extremely easy to use simultaneously. Even if you have never had any Glucometer monitor before, you’ll quickly get the hang of using it.

For this purpose, You just have to be sure that your home blood glucose monitor is accurate because blood sugar testing is a significant part of diabetes care.

Hence, The Readings from the Glucose Meter are only to be used for General Information purposes – they are not a substitute for a medical examination from a Registered Medical Practitioner. If you have any queries regarding health care seek prompt medical attention and consult your physician before making changes to your medication, diet, fitness program, or blood glucose testing schedules.

In addition to, Our team has analysis Best BP Monitor for home use and other health devices analysis, you can checkout other articles also. Our intention to provide the brief detailed overview regarding each and every medical health equipment’s so that you will select the best one among all available products.

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