7 Best Indoor Exercise Cycle for Home Use in India | Comparison Chart with Buyer’s Guide

Everyone has started down the path of living a healthier lifestyle and due to a packed schedule, it’s not convenient to go to the gym regularly. At that particular point in time, a small indoor exercise with the best indoor exercise cycle would be a perfect notion.

Accordingly, You can start with an Exercise Cycle which can provide quick and easy access to workout. Indeed, It’s an efficient and effective way to burn calories, body fat and strengthens legs and lower body muscles. Also, Treadmill or Exercise cycle makes it easy for you to be consistent with your workout regime.

Apart from weight loss, you can opt Exercise Cycle for lower high blood pressure, to reduce bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and also to prevent heart attacks, especially if you’ve already suffered from one. It utilizes limited space, have the capability of multitasking, and you can approach this in affordable cost as compared to gym fees. But while considering for your home, you can get confused because there are multiple options available in the market. In this article, I will review the 7 best indoor Exercise Cycle for Home Use in India.

As this the Best Said that

“Every workout counts while during Exercise even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Just do it.”

Types of Exercise Cycles

There are lots of types of exercise cycles to choose from the best indoor exercise cycle but mainly four types of exercise cycles use for gyms or home gyms. As a matter of fact, All distinct from each other according to features as Watt Bikes, Spine Bikes, Interactive bikes, Upright, Recumbent, Studio, and Air Bikes. 

Upright Bikes – The upright bike is the classic bike available on the market. Also, it has a diversity of features like rider can sit up straight or lean forward. It has adjustable resistance levels and works out the lower body as well as abs while its seat provides support to the weight of the user. Even many models offer pre-programmed workouts. Apart from that, some models have moving handlebars to provide an upper-body workout. 

Recumbent Bikes – Hence, The main attribute of a recumbent bike is the reclining design. It can be the best choice for those who have bad knees problem because it has adjustable seating and backrests which is easier on the joints and safe. The pedals in this bike are placed in front of the feet of the user in place of below the feet.

Indoor Cycles | Studio Bikes – Indoor cycles have the same features as upright bikes but it’s slightly different in some terms like the handlebars in this bicycle are located farther from its seat and shifting riders are placed in the forward direction. Specifically, Indoor cycles provide maximum calorie burn those results from all the other exercise bikes. As these cycles lack specific features like heart monitors, these cycles can be executed without electricity.

Air Bike – Moreover, Air Bike has 3 machines in one and professionals take it in the important category as it comes with independent handlebars (for the upper body). It functions with wind resistance that can move forward and back. It’s a real full-body workout and provides all of the cardio benefits of running and get your heart rate up, without any wrong impact.

For Instance, If you want to buy the best indoor exercise cycle for workout equipment for home, here’s what you must keep in mind. You will be faced with the task of making a tough decision regarding which pieces of equipment you will need. Therefore, I want to share Top 7 exercise bikes for all budget levels. 

ProductRankingPrice RangeBuy Now
Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles
Cardio Max JSB Magnetic Upright Fitness X-Bike Exercise Cycle
Lifelong LLF54 Fit Pro Stationary Exercise Belt Bike
Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike
Lifelong LLF27 Fit Lite Pro Airbike Exercise Machine
Healthex Unisex Exercise Cycle
Lifeline Air Bike Back Seat with Moving Handle

1. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles

Reach Company has been dedicated to creating innovative, reliable, and effective fitness Gym equipment that is designed to help exercisers reach their fitness goals.

Features – Specifically, Reach is one of the best exercise bikes you can buy, and it’s got the features and results.

In addition, this Air Bike exercise cycle with moving handles & adjustable cushioned seat preferred by professionals and offer excellent service support.

One of the best features it has that you can do elliptical and upper body workout in just one machine.

best indoor exercise cycle
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Particularly, It targets cardio and strength training and gives a full-body workout. Apart from that, it has belt resistance technology with unmatched durability and performance which provides the comfort of your own home. 

With all mentioned features, it considers like a best indoor exercise cycle by professionals.


  • Maximum User Weight 100 Kg
  • Size – (L*B*H) – (36*24*8 inches)
  • Installation Support
  • Adjustable Seat Cushioned Positioning
  • LCD Digital Monitor
  • Pedal with Strap
  • Dual Workout option
  • Non-Slip Pedals with Strap
  • Variable Resistance Levels
  • Belt Drive System
  • Monitor – Speed, Distance, Time, Calories
  • Cross Training Bike with Moving Handles


  • Uncomfortable

Warranty – 1 Year Warranty.

2. Cardio Max JSB Magnetic Upright Fitness X-Bike Exercise Cycle

The bike brand that needs no introduction and from more than 35 years, JSN Healthcare is offering multifarious high-quality products including body massagers, massage chairs, sports, and fitness equipment to people who are passionate about fitness. 

Features – In brief, This indoor cycling is an excellent exercise bike for home use – noiseless in operation and the foldable option which saves a lot of space. 

This is space-saving design, magnetic upright x bike which comes with 4 kg flyweight and 3 cranks so that you will get a smooth cycling experience.

best indoor exercise cycle
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With this, you can do high-intensity complete body workout with a full range of motion.  It displays time, distance, speed, total distance traveled easily foldable design. Other than that, it has Non-skid foot pedals with adjustable foot straps. 


  • Max weight capacity : 100 kgs
  • Installation Support
  • Size (cm) 103x53x119
  • 8 level tension controller
  • Backrest support and back handles Assembly
  • Magnetic for Smooth Cycling
  • Foldable Cushioned Backseat
  • 8 Resistance Levels
  • Easy foldable design
  • Non Skid Foot Pedals with Adjustable Foot straps
  • Pulse sensors on the cycle handles


  • Average Quality

Warranty – 1 Year JSB National Warranty

3. Lifelong LLF54 Fit Pro Stationary Exercise Belt Bike

Lifelong belt bike is the best option if you are planning to start an exercise program at home. This exercise machine has a magnetic resistance system features. It can utilize by everyone in your family to get fit. It provides a high inertia consistent pedal stroke for an enjoyable low-impact workout.

Features – Ultimately, the Lifelong Stationary Exercise Belt Bike has a super solid design.

Actually, For those interested in a bike for weight loss at home then, this is for you. It comes with display and resistance control.

best indoor exercise cycle
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Additionally, it offers Cardio benefits which help lower high blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, and may prevent heart attacks, especially if you’ve already suffered from one. Regularly riding a stationary bike helps your heart become more efficient at pumping blood.


  • Free Installation Assistance
  • Maximum User Weight: 100Kg
  • Belt Driven System
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 50-80cm
  • Size: 63x22x43cm
  • Weight of the: 10Kg
  • Foam Grip Handles
  • Adjustable Tension Knob


  • Making Noise

Warranty – 1 year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects.

4. Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Cockatoo is distributing some of the world’s best fitness equipment that is sold all over India. If you’re looking for an exercise bike with advanced fitness features then, it would be optimal for you.

Features – Looking for a bike that is the most likely with technical features.

Particularly, This fitness cycle comes with Magnetic Operating Technology System, 8-Level Resistance, and Magnetic Brake System. It has 6 inches LCD monitor that tracks time, calories, speed and distance. This home exercise bike is known for its multi-functional purpose.

best indoor exercise cycle
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Above All, It tracks calories, time, speed, and distance. It builds muscle by engaging in a full-body workout.


  • Supported Weight: 110 kg
  • 6″ LCD monitor, which tracks calories, time, speed and distance
  • Maximum User Height: 150-195cm
  • Magnetic Operating Technology System
  • 8-Level Resistance
  • Magnetic Brake System
  • Size: 31.5 x 48.75 x 18 inches
  • Design: Upright stationery
  • Heart Rate Sensor Present
  • Flywheel Size: Φ200MM / 3.0KGS,1 PC Crank & One Way Bearing


  • Overpriced

Warranty – 2 Year Warranty

5. Lifelong LLF27 Fit Lite Pro Airbike Exercise Machine

Lifelong Company established 4 years back and serving over 500 cities in India through both online and offline presence. Actually, The company is recognized for designing fitness products that enrich lives every day.

Especially, lifelong builds home and wellness appliances with a purpose to create durable, quality, and long-lasting products for modern Indian households.

Features – Hence , with its ease of workout you can use it for weight loss and, workout at home.

Particularly, It has moving handles for Cardio Training, Weight Loss, and Workout at Home.

best indoor exercise cycle
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In fact with this, you can experience a complete cardio workout with Lifelong Airbike exercise machine without leaving the comfort of your home with the Lifelong exercise bike.


  • Digital Display Meter
  • High-density foam hand grips
  • Slip-resistant pedals lend to both comfort and performance
  • Adjustable seat
  • Foot Lock Pedal 
  • Size – 90×18.5×60.5 cm
  • Airbike with moving handle and with back support
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dual Action Handles


  • Installation Issue

Warranty – 1 year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects

6. Healthex Unisex Exercise Air Bike Cycle

Healthex is a well-known Indian brand having a diversity of fitness range at an affordable price. 

Features – You can adjust arms according to your convenience as it has ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips.

Moreover, It’s very durable with a high-quality steel frame and convenient with a backrest which makes it comfortable to use the bike even for longer periods.

Whereas, The handles of the bike will not move forward or backward while exercising.

best indoor exercise cycle
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  • Weight Holding Capacity – 120Kgs
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Electronic Meter
  • Portable
  • Ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips
  • Improved Joint Mobility
  • Back Support
  • Air Bike Stamina with Moving Handle
  • Steel frame construction
  • Adjust seat and handle position in Easy Manner


  • Lack in warranty Time

Warranty – Not Mentioned.

7. Lifeline Exercise Air Bike Back Seat with Moving Handle

Lifeline is the most trusted gym/fitness equipment manufacturers in India.

It has multifarious product range weight & training accessories, single station gyms, manual treadmills, exercise bikes, and climbers & steppers.

Features – As this Riding stationary bicycle counts as cardiovascular exercise and for weight loss at home use.

If you do it for regular exercise it helps you for lower high blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, and may prevent heart attacks, especially if you’ve already suffered from one.

This exercise cycle has influence a large market in very short span of time and peoples start considering it as best indoor exercise cycle for home.

best indoor exercise cycle
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  • Max user weight 100 kgs 
  • Improved Joint Mobility
  • Help in Daily Calorie Burn
  • Electronic Meter
  • Portable
  • Adjustable seat and handle option
  • Cardio Benefits
  • Ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips
  • Box Content: One box which contains Lifeline Air Bike with Back Seat for Weight Loss at Home | Moving Handle Bike With Back Support


  • Not For Now

Warranty – 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects


In today’s fast-moving world, fitness is vital for everyone as compared to other things as we discussed gym equipment has many criteria that the buyer can consider and I hope our team analyzation certainly assist you in selecting the topmost home fitness exercise cycle for you. Every type of bike is suited for someone to give a much better experience so that customers can get many benefits from the exercise cycle.

In Conclusion, to elect the optimum exercise cycle you can select Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles & Adjustable Cushioned Seat. This is one of the best exercise cycles for weight loss with effective results.

Above all, The reason we recommend the Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle is not just because it’s built extremely well, but because of the feedback that drives. Apart from that, you can also go through as Lifeline Exercise Air Bike Back Seat with Moving Handle. While considering Pricing and Quality factors, you can go for it.

But before buying you should consider comfort, price and safety factors to follow. So, start down the path to live a healthier lifestyle with a Home Gym Exercise Bike which has countless features.

Check out These factors while buying an Exercise Cycle Machines It’s a good idea to have an exercise cycle at home but take a look at the following tips which will help you get topmost Exercise Cycle Machine.

  • Clear Display – While using exercise cycle display matters a lot as to check calories burned, speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), and resistance levels and heart rate so that you can easily monitor all the details like time and distance. 
  • Programming – In today’s era, everything is automatic, so you should consider a machine that is easy to allow programs according to your fitness level. 
  • Resistance – Every person has a different weight and workout style so just pick an exercise bike that is easy to adjust and has a diversion of workout levels.
  • Handlebars and Pedal Strap – Pedals is the crucial factor to consider as they should work smoothly, should be adjustable. 
  • Seat – Seat should be adjustable with enough padding. It also should comfortable, with enough adjustments to achieve the best fit.
  • Reviews – Everything is transparent so you can check out the reviews before you make your purchase to find out if the bike is sturdy and safe.
  • Attached Backrest – In case, you have certain back issues, you can get a bike with an attached backrest.

Benefits of Indoor Exercise Cycle Machine

Strengthen and Tone – While using exercise cycle you can adjust the resistance of the wheel because you have to pedal harder to get the wheel moving and it will reflect strengthens and tone your leg muscles.

Weight Loss – Quick, fast, and effective remedy for weight loss as usually the number of calories burned around 40-80 calories cycling for 10 minutes at around 17mph. But this specific ratio gets change according to age and gender.

Cardiovascular Fitness – As High blood pressure is a common issue these days and we all are aware of it that a healthy cardiovascular system increases the supply of oxygen to your blood and the supply of energy to your body. Furthermore, It helps reduce your risk of stroke and disease. For the purpose of it is best because it can lower blood pressure and give Cardiovascular Fitness,

Take You Fit – However, A static Exercise bike will let you work on the elements you need to improve on, whatever the weather. It’s not just home gym equipment but more than that.  

Low Impact Exercise – At home, you get a good option to do an easy workout for your muscles and joints. If you have any injury or strain, you can utilize it accordingly. 

Convenient and Cost Effective – It takes very little space and with the comfort of home while watching TV, listening to music you can do the workout.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your cycling workout with Indoor Exercise Cycle

1. Saddle – You are using an exercise cycle for weight loss or improve posture so choose your saddle wisely because your saddle or seat should be comfortable because it should not hurt your butt while working out.

2. Position – Your seat should be at such a height that while you doing work-out your legs are only slightly bent. Otherwise you put excess pressure on your knee joints.

3. Handlebars – Handlebars always suggested by professionals and the handlebars should be adjusted to a height higher than your seat.

4. Resistance – Moreover, You should use enough resistance to get better results because high-resistance cycling has numerous benefits ranging from fat loss and mental wellbeing to improved heart health.

5. Positioning Your Body – Consequently, When you do cycling not lean forward or backward. Just lean only a little bit and keeps your core tight during cycling. When you lean forward too much, it interferes with your breathing and oxygen intake.

6. A Variant in Workout Schedule – In Short, Always use variety in your workout with varying speeds and resistances to enhance the results.

7. Listen To Music – Some times while doing exercise you feel bored and couldn’t give proper interest to your workout then you can listen music it can pep up your workout.

To Reduce your High Blood Pressure Do Regular Exercise From a Stationary Bike –

Each sort of exercise has its own merits and demerits depending on an individual’s physical condition and requirement.

Do you know that according to Professional Doctors, exercise is inevitable to keep good heart health status. If you are diagnosed with hypertension or qualified for a cardiac recovery program then exercise, cycling, and running can reduce your blood pressure up to 10 mmHg.

Apart from that cycling, riding a stationary bike simultaneously also has advantages that make it more ideal for lowering your blood pressure. It also ensures efficient circulation of blood into the arteries and reduces blood vessel stiffness so blood can flow more easily. Stationary bikes are convenient to use.

Furthermore, you can also go for a blood pressure monitor for a home that can help you to keep track of your blood pressure readings at times that are suitable for you, in the comfort of your own home.

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